Full accounts for THE RICHARD ROSE TRUST

Annual Returns to Charity Commission
Financial year ending2009-08-31
Income from legacies£0
Income from endowments£0
Voluntary income£1.12m
Activities generating funds£337,379
Income from charitable activities£16.99m
Investment income£0
Other income£0
Total income£18.45m
Investment gains£0
Gains from asset revaluations£0
Gains on pension fund£-2,484,000
Voluntary income costs£496,975
Fundraising trading costs£0
Investment management costs£0
Grants to institutions£0
Charitable activities costs£17.73m
Governance costs£94,490
Other expenses£0
Total expenses£18.32m
Support costs£3.31m
Fixed assets at start of year£0
Fixed assets at end of year£936,706
Fixed investment assets at start of year£0
Fixed investment assets at end of year£0
Current investment assets£0
Total current assets£1.55m
Creditors within 1 year£2.15m
Long term creditors or provisions£0
Pension assets£-2,687,000
Total assets£-2,352,688
Endowment funds£548,316
Restricted funds£1.78m
Unrestricted funds£-4,683,193
Total funds£-2,352,688
Consolidated accountsNo
Charity only accountsYes